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Jual kelinci, jual pakan kelinci, MARKET RABBIT PROJECT REPORT, Parts Of A Rabbit, Standard & Guide For Judging Meat Classes .Weight Record, Expenses Other Than Feed, Protein/Feed Supplement, Financial Summary, commercial and/or show rabbits Young Doe Syndrome Enterotoxemia Mastitis Ketosis (Pregnancy Toxemia) ,growth in the domestic rabbit using multi-nutrient blocks as a feed supplement, multi-nutrient mini-blocks (MNB), digestibility of dry matter (DM), organic matter (OM), protein, ether extract (EE), neutral detergent fibre (NDF),  rabbits supplemented with 30 g MNB, In the growth trial, rabbits in treatments MNB15 and MNB30 had higher (P<0.05) dry matter (DM) intake (127 ± 18.8 and 125 ± 9.86 g/head/day, control treatment (104 ± 11.4 g/head/day), average weight gains for rabbits fed only pellets was 14.8 ± 5.82 g/head/day, Control : Ad libitum feeding of commercial rabbit pellets MNB15:  15 g/day of  MNB + pellets ad libitum. MNB30: 30 g/day of  MNB + pellets ad libitum.  Molasses 40 Wheat bran  35 Cottonseed meal  Cement     Mineral mixture  Salt Neutral detergent fibre, acid detergent fibre and acid detergent lignin were determined by an automated fibre determination system FIBRETEC feed cost (N kg–1), economic of production data indicated lowest cost per weight gain (N kg–1) by the rabbits fed composite cassava tuber meal, while highest cost per weight gain was recorded in the rabbits fed the control diet (maize meal, Carcass and Internal Organ Weights of the Experimental Rabbits. Kelinci Ras Jersey Wooly Wollies Wooley.



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